Best android phone backup app

Backup apps are extremely necessary and a convenient option that can make your data restoration brisk. Updated on May 29, Why is data back up important? Well, all data stored in your mobile phone is necessary, and backing everything up can make your task of restoring and retrieving them much easier. In the case of smartphones, your data needs to be backed up from time to time so that you don't lose your chief pieces of information like passwords.

Backup not only means that all your personal data can be restored, but it also means that you don't have to put yourself into the whole process of correcting your phone settings, reinstalling apps, and readjusting everything in your new smartphone.

Data backing up can be a fruitful deal for you and save lots of your time without losing any of your essential data and these apps make your new mobile phones a little familiar to you. Your Android smartphone consists of contrasting data such as messages, photos, pdf files, video content, in-app purchases, and much more. Due to this, you can require to incorporate different types of Android mobile apps to allow your smartphones to exhibit better functionalities than ever before.

Here's a list of top Android backup and restore software that can come in handy to save your data and media information quickly with just a single click:. One of the best Photo Backup App Android currently available is Google Photos, a photo-sharing and storage service that is built by Google itself.

Best android phone backup app

This application offers users unlimited free storage for their photos and videos as well. Other than the impressive amount of storage that Google Photos provides, there is also an option for smart searches along with some basic editing features. But if you are a Pixel smartphone user, then there's an additional feature where the user gets access to unlimited cloud storage for original resolution photos and videos.

Download Google Photos for Android. Clicking photos is a way of capturing moments, and that's why pictures are something that needs to be backed up at all costs. This Android backup app completely protects your photos and videos in a secured cloud location. The UI of the app is very simple to use and easily moves to new devices with all your data intact in one place.

Download the best Android phone backup for Android. This Android App Data Backup has been in the news since the initial days of the Android operating system, making it one of the widely known Android backup apps. It comes in two variants, i. The free version allows users to backup and also restore their apps along with the apps' data whereas the premium version offers some extra features like automatic backup, batch restoration, app freezer, and many more.

Best android phone backup app

Titanium Backup is a reliable app that is also used by many Android app developers. Download the best Android Backup and Restore for Android.

This custom ROM migration tool can be your companion at the time of backup as it provides various types of backup options to protect your data completely and save it forever so that you never lose any of your important information. Grant root access in your phone and sit back while seeing everything getting restored seamlessly on your phone.

With this Android app backup, you are not missing out on any of your data. Download this free Android backup for Android.You forget to back up the data or transfer the pictures to the PC. After a few days, the phone starts heating up unexpectedly. Its battery explodes. Well, if you had backed up the pictures to the MicroSD card or cloud storage, the pictures would have been intact. Android devices are prone to virus and malware infection.

How To Backup Android Phone To PC Hindi

To avoid the above two and many other scenarios, we must use apps that will back up our data to the PC or a MicroSD card. The Google Play Store gives users access to two types of backup apps. One which saves data to local storage memory.

Others that syncs your images and important files to the cloud storage platform. Creating a backup is an easy task with CMB. CMB supports scheduled backups. It gives you access to your CM cloud account where you can manage the files backed up on the cloud platform. It is reliable and uses a powerful algorithm for faster transfer of files from your device to the cloud. It uses SSL protocol for secure file transfer. It is free and supports multiple languages. You can install and use it on Android 2.

Download CM Backup. Helium is a backup app having a minuscule size of below 5 megabytes. Helium provides several premium features free of cost.

Hence, it is one of the best apps for backing up your data. Helium supports rooted as well as non-rooted Android devices. Once you run this application on the computer and mobile, connect both devices with a USB cable.In the following article, we discuss the 10 best Android. Backup and Restore Applications that are available for Android Phones. It is important to have something handy for your backup and restore needs,particularly if you store a lot of data in your system.

While we first take up the applications that are easily accessible on the Google Play Store, we also take a look at some of the products from Wondershare that can accomplish the same purpose in an efficient manner. Here is the list featuring the ten best applications for android backup and restore. Each of these can be easily found on the Google Play Store and make it to our list for the easy functionality and interface that they offer. With a fairly basic application. With a few minutes of study, one can get used to the interface.

However, we must warn you of the issues that have been reported while data transfer to a new device is being carried out. No harm in trying it once, though! The discussion is around creating a data backup? Cloud storage or Google drive,as it is more popularly known, can help users automatically backup photos and other media files online. Other critical elements of data like documents, files, and all that you need can be stored on this platform from Google.

Restore through cross device is made easy as this application uses a cloud solution. Directly associated with CM Security, this one has been growing in popularity lately as a backup and restore option.

This one is for the users who wish to backup and restore their data the easy way. Allowing backing up of applications, it also allows safeguarding your MMS,Calendar, and user dictionaries.

The backup can be directly saved to the Google Drive. However, we wish to notify that you would require root access to work on some on its features. Saving your data. This one requires no rooting, even though the option is still available. Users can backup and restore apps to their computers as per their convenience.

Sync is made available in the paid version between multiple Android devices and has a lot more features for its future upgrades. Having been around for a while, one can vouch for the credibility of this application. This one creates a list of all the applications on your device for you to choose from. Effective and efficient, this makes it to our list of best backup and restores Android apps.

Best android phone backup app

Connect Android with TunesGo.You should always back up your files. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to backup your files and apps on Android. Unfortunately, with native tools becoming more popular, the app scene for this is getting a little weaker. Autosync is a series of backup apps by MetaCtrl.

Each one lets you backup files automatically. Files also sync both ways. Thus, if you upload something to Drive, Autosync for Google Drive puts it on your device and vice versa. Users can choose sync intervals, the types of files that go to the cloud, and more.

Top 20 Best Backup Apps for Android Device in 2020

It also includes Tasker support. The premium features include support for files larger than 10MB, multiple folder syncing support, a passcode setting, no ads, and improved support options.

There are multiple tiers of premium. Buggy Backup Pro is actually a decent backup app for applications. It can copy APK files to your internal storage or cloud storage as you need. Those are the actual APKs and install perfectly fine. At least, they installed fine during our testing. You can also share APKs, check the package name, the app version, and date installed. Some additional options include an uninstall option, Material Design, and an auto-backup function in case you want to be lazy with it.

However, this is about as good as it can possibly get for non-root users. The UI is fairly simple and using it to backup stuff should only take a few minutes of poking around. Some have reported the occasional bug. Thus, your mileage may vary. G Cloud is a cloud storage option, but one specifically for device backups. It can automatically or manually backup your SMS messages, contacts, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs, and other various files. It can even backup your settings in some cases.

You can configure automatic backup for favorable circumstances like when your device is charging and also connected to WiFi. The service gives you 1GB for free and you can earn more free storage with various little gags in the app. G Cloud has no association with Google whatsoever. Google Photos kind of counts as cloud storage.If you have any question when using FoneDog products, please feel free to contact us. One of the most important things that we have and use in our everyday life is our mobile device.

It does not matter what we do about it or how we use it, it is still considered to be as one of the most important things that we should have. In using our Android device, we usually stored several types of data such as movies, pictures, videos, contacts, messages, and more.

This is also one of the reasons why we highly value our Android devices. However, due to some circumstances in life, there will be an incident that you might end up losing all of your important data on your Android devices.

Best android phone backup app

Because of this, having all of your data backed up is one of the best ideas that you should do for you to avoid panicking or getting stressed out once you experience losing your data. Now, for this type of dilemma, there is actually a lot of backup software for PC that you can choose from. All of these programs can be used easily and efficiently. Here we have listed some of the best Android backup software that you can use for you to backup all of your data from your Android device.

If you have no knowledge of some of the best Android backup software, then now you may need to know what the best software to choose and use. There is one that stands out. And with all its features, you will never worry about a single thing in the case that something bad happened to your phone. By using the FoneDog Toolkit — Android Data Backup and Restoreyou will be able to experience all its best features such as the following.

With that, here is a guide for you that you can follow. There are 6 steps in details showing you how to process the data backup:. Of course, you have to download the software first by going to our official website, www. Free Download Free Download. Once that you have successfully installed the software on your PC, go ahead and launch it. You have to make sure that there is no other backup application running in the background aside from the FoneDog Toolkit.

After that, connect your Android device to your computer using your USB cable. Here, you have to make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your Android device so that the software will be able to detect your Android device.

And in case that you are using an Android device that has an OS version of 4. Then the software will start to scan all of the files that you have on your Android device. Once that the FoneDog Toolkit — Android Data Backup and Restore had completely scanned all of your data from your Android device, it will then show you all the files that it supports. From the list of files shown on your screen, go ahead and choose those that you want to back up.

You can also view all the items that you have backed up on your Android device. The FoneDog Toolkit — Android Data Backup and Restore does not only allow you to back up your data from your Android device but it can also help you in restoring your backup file to any Android device that you have.

With this, let us continue with how you can restore your backup file. From the list shown on your screen, go ahead and choose the backup that you have made recently. You will be able to determine this by looking at the time and the date that the backup was made.

10 Best Backup and Restore Apps for Android Phones

Wait for the program to finish the process. Once that the FoneDog Toolkit — Android Data Backup and Restore is done in restoring your data to your Android device, it will automatically notify you.

Just make sure that you do not disconnect your Android device to your PC while the restoration is in process. Now, if you would wish to backup all the data that you have on your Android device, then you will be needing a backup software for your PC.

Because of this, we have listed here the best Android backup software that you actually use.Many diligent users won't skimp when it comes to backing up their desktop machine, but how many can say the same about their phones?

Keeping a backup for your Android phone can feel like an unnecessary chore — until disaster strikes. What if your device is stolen, you install a bad ROM or you drop your phone in a puddle? Having a backup on hand just makes good sense. While Google automatically backs up your contacts, Gmail and calendars, you can also do a lot to save your apps, as well as app data, documents and media files.

Here are some of the best Android backup apps to help keep your app data, contacts list, photos, and media safe. Like the best backup apps, Helium allows you to back up apps, data, contacts, SMS and your call log. But unlike many backup apps, Helium can do all this without needing to root your device. Unrooted users will have to install an extra desktop app to work with the mobile app when plugged in to a PC, while users with a rooted device just run Helium out of the box.

If your primary concern centers around documents, photos, and media files rather than a backup of your contacts, SMS, and other phone details, then you may already be well served by cloud storage services like Dropbox. The cloud storage pioneer offers cloud-based, multi-device-synced storage for everything from documents to photos and other important files, with automatic backups and 2GB of online storage expandable through promotions or premium plans.

Premium subscribers get extra perks, such as more storage, file versioning features, and encryption. You won't be backing up things like app installers or app data, but Dropbox is a great solution for simple cloud backups of your documents.

Of course, if you don't trust online cloud storage providers, well you can instead build your own. Resilio Sync builds off of BitTorrent protocols to help you sync files stored between your phone and your PC, Mac, and other network-attached storage devices.

You can sync entire folders or individual files, and configure the app to automatically back up photos to and from your phone and PC. That said, this is more about syncing documents, media, and other files, so look elsewhere if it's phone settings, contacts and apps that you're looking to back up. This address book replacement helps organize your contacts and integrates with your social media accounts and communications.

Sometimes, you're not looking to backup everything on your phone. If your main concern is backing up your photos, then one of the best options out there is the Google Photos service. Users can store an unlimited number high quality cloud-synced photos in their Google account, as well as up to 15GB of original resolution photos in your Google Drive space.

In addition to the generous storage terms, Google Photos features a smart search tool for finding familiar objects, places and occasions, and smart album assistant and basic photo editing tools. Users shooting for one of the brand new Pixel smartphones also get the added bonus of unlimited cloud storage for videos and original resolution images. Users can schedule automatic backups, selectively backup and restore specific conversations, and transfer SMS and call logs to another phone by email or Wi-Fi.

While the app is nowhere near as comprehensive as other backup options, it's a simple and easy way to keep an extra copy of your SMS and call logs. Own a rooted Android device or thinking of rooting it?The Android operating system is based on Linux and also hardware independent.

Almost all people now use smartphones because of these features like Internet, Games, and Apps for various purposes. From all aspects, Android OS has become the giant on the market. Google Play store is having millions of apps for different purposes.

Best Backup app for Android is one of them which are highly required to keep safe of your valuable personal data. You download multiple apps and can store a lot of essential data on your Android devices. But the main point you still worry about is the protection of data in case it gets lost. So you have to back up the data from your phone.

Top 10 Best Backup Apps For Android – 2020 (Restore Data)

Here, we have listed down 20 best backup apps for Android for you to back up your important data such as photos and videos. Titanium Backup offers dynamic features for Android backup and recovery. It can save many things including applications, system settings, data and business links.

This app allows you to back up all your files and folders by schedule. The user interface is quite simple, and its use for saving documents takes only a few minutes. Helium — App Sync and Backup is a feature-rich backup app. It supports any version of Android.

This free app can backup data and other media files. In the free version, it allows you to back up the app data, SMS, contacts, etc. However, the premium version is available, and you can sync data to other cloud storage.

If you want a free solution with lots of features, then this app is for you. All Backup Restore is a popular free Android Backup app. You can backup apps data by selecting individually. You can backup your apps data to Google Drive and restore them to enable the previous settings.

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